Vivix users report positive experiences after using the product.  These testimonials are followed by research studies that explain why the product is effective. 

Shaklee (the company):  “Helps your cells repair and protects against daily damage.  Laboratory studies demonstrate that key ingredients in Vivix help protect against cellular DNA damage and promote cellular resilience. In a clinical study, key ingredients were shown to blunt the oxidative stress response to a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal, which over time can lead to cellular aging.  10X more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of aging.  In laboratory studies Vivix key ingredients help improve cellular performance and slow the formation of AGE proteins, which can accumulate and result in cell damage.”  You can find it at

(The following are from

Dr. Sandy Bevacqua: Although I've been on an excellent anti-inflammatory supplement and diet program for over ten years, I've still had some aches and pains that just haven't gone away. I've been using Vivix for about two weeks now (since it came out) and have had tremendous relief of all of the achy pains that used to plague me! I'm especially relieved not to have pain around the arthritic bones spurs I have on the joints of my spine and hands. This is a blessing in and of itself. However the other day, I got a phone call from a friend of mine who started using Vivix when I did. She said her age spots were going away. "What!!!! Hold the phone!" I said. It looked like mine were lighter too!! Now several days later I can say for certain that some of my spots are gone and the rest are much, much lighter. I'll bet they'll all be gone within a week. I'm also noticing much more energy and I've been sleeping better (less pain). Better sleep, more energy, no pain and no spots!!! Hip Hip Hooray for Shaklee!  Go to source.


Phyllis & Gary Newman: "Gary started on the VIVIX Wednesday, August 8th. The 13th he had dental surgery to prepare for a tooth transplant. The 22nd he had a follow up visit and the dental surgeon called in some of his staff to show them that the healing process looked like it had been 4 months instead of just a few days! He said he'd never seen anything like this before and was calling his Mother-in-law who's in Shaklee to get started on the products! Gary's 67 and has taken Shaklee for 34 years!"  Go to source.

Susan Stephens: Began using Vivix Saturday morning and by Monday noticed a marked improvement in my ability to focus on one task at a time through the day. This has always been an issue for me; beginning one thing after another and having difficulty completing any. Even with using Mental Acuity Plus, I still had some degree of difficulty. I'm absolutely amazed that I've been so clear-headed, focused and energetic this week. Vive Vivix!!!    Go to source.

Jodi Barnhart: I've always been an avid exerciser since I was 20 years old - aerobic type of activity and weights. But I do have my limit with my heart and how hard I can push myself - and I do work out very hard. I have a particular machine that I work out on called the gauntlet. It's like walking up an escalator that is going down. It is a very strenuous workout. I typically work out on it for about 35 minutes. It has taken me 3 or 4 years to get to the level of intensity that I work out on it now. If I push myself harder than my heart can handle, it starts to flip and go fast and I get a weak feeling all throughout my body. I have to stop my workout and wait a couple minutes to get my bearings back. For me to increase my workout to the next level, it would take me a good year to work my body up to it - without my heart going crazy and having to keep stopping. In 2 weeks of starting on Vivix, I increased my intensity of my workout without my heart flipping and that weak feeling AND I worked out at that intensity for 60 minutes!!! I was so excited. This is HUGE for me!!! I know my body really well and what I can and can't handle and this is a complete change in just 2 weeks on the Vivix!!! I also get VERY red in my face when I work out - to the point that people stare at me. It feels like my face is on fire. After being on the Vivix, my face didn't feel as hot. When I looked in the mirror, there was a difference in my redness. I still get red, but it isn't near as intense as it was. It must be because my heart is pumping more efficiently. YIPPEE!!!!!!    Go to source.

Linda Dietz: Phil Truelove shared an awesome story with us. He has had many injuries over the years, and OmegaGuard, etc. have really helped the stiffness, pain, etc. that he has had to live with BUT since Vivix he can get right up out of bed without being bent over (fell off a ladder-years ago), he can walk down the stairs without holding on to both side rails--he is not stiff or "old" looking as he walks.    Go to source.

A fibromyalgia client on Vivix, Vitalizer, and Cinch shakes for 4 days: "I noticed I slept really well last night for the first time in many weeks. My pain has lifted some and my energy level is starting to increase."
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Nancy Douglas: "Tom and I have been on the Vivix for 1 week and 2 days and after about 5 days Tom noticed that his ankles no longer hurt. He had broken them both as a youth playing sports. Tom is 65 and arthritis hit his ankles this year. He had to get up and take pain meds so he could sleep. After taking Vivix for just 5 days he no longer needs pain meds to sleep."    Go to source.

Linda Dietz:  My brother in law who is 75 and recently had some physical problems, got a strong tremor of his right hand-,--he started Vivix, his only Shaklee product-and within a few days his tremor is gone and he is writing normally again! He is duly impressed and thankful.    Go to source.


Mary Ann Tregnago:   "I am a medical transcriptionist; I have diverticulitis, which had become burdensome to say the least. I have been using Shaklee products and I know they are good. A week ago today I started taking one teaspoon of Shaklee's new product, Vivix. During the past week I have not had one episode of explosive symptoms, no left-sided pain or cramps. I do believe it is safe to say that Vivix is helping."    Go to source.

Lynn S.:   "Tears come to my eyes as I write this. Shaklee has brought out a product that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Two years ago I fell and tore my left rotator cuff and ripped the ligament off the bone in my left thumb (I am left-handed). Three months later the doctor operated on the thumb and re-attached the ligament to the bone. Six months after that, my other doctor operated on my shoulder. When I woke, he told me that when he got in there he found "frozen shoulder" so he cleaned up the area a little, but wanted me to use the arm immediately or I would never get full range out of it again. Two years later I still have pain in my shoulder and it hurts to lift it totally straight to my ear. My thumb is always sore and the joint is swollen at the knuckle and also hurts in the joint above it. I have been on Vivix for a week now. I was driving down to see one of our daughters who is in college when I realized that my thumb did not hurt and that the joint was not swollen! I almost ran off the road I was so startled with this realization. This was two years of discomfort that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. (At 57 that was not something I looked forward to). I can't wait to see what else Vivix restores in me! Remember, it works at the cellular level. I have already noticed that my fingers don't feel so "tight" in the morning when I wake up. Praise God & thank you Shaklee!!"    Go to source.

Mary McGaffic:  I can't believe that Vivix. I had a couple of light brown spots that showed up on my face a few months ago and was considering seeing a dermatologist to have them checked. After just 10 days on Vivix I noticed they were gone. Also the couple on my hands are fading fast. But the absolute best testimony I have after three weeks on Vivix is the following: I developed a spur in my big toe four years ago after I stepped wrong and got a hairline crack on the side of my foot. I eventually couldn't move my toe even a fraction. The doctor called it a 'stiff toe' and said it was a spur. He said my only solution was surgery and wearing ugly shoes the rest of my life. The pain was horrific for months. I couldn't even stand a sheet on my toe. As soon as the doctor said "spur" a light bulb went off. I remembered hearing years ago that Shaklee calcium was the only calcium that broke up arthritic spurs while other types may cause them, so I knew I had to increase my Shaklee calcium and alfalfa. Within 3 days the spur was dissolving, but I developed a lump on the bone above my toe which continued to cause me some pain. I eventually could wear one inch heels as long as the shoe wasn't too tight. I had to buy shoes 1/2 size larger because of the sore. That was definitely better than the doctor’s only solution of surgery and 'ugly shoes' but it just wouldn't heal completely. Then "Vivix" came along. I had taken it for 2 1/2 weeks when I noticed the lump was gone and no more soreness. I wore 2" heels this week for the first time in four years and was pain free. I still had some crystallization in my big toe, but I noticed that is completely dissolved now and I can wiggle my toe perfectly and bend it up, which is probably why I can wear the high heels now (the spur and lump are both completely gone). If I really push where the lump was there is still a slight soreness, but I'm sure that will be gone soon. I am so excited. Thank you Shaklee for this unbelievable product. I had no idea it would help with such a problem. I've missed so much not being able to wear heels as I'm short and they just make me feel more feminine, plus I'm pretty tired of the pain. I was just taking the Vivix to become younger, like we all are. Viva Vivix! I also have a friend in Shaklee who said her bunions are gone and her husband's dark shadows on his face are practically gone. I don't understand how this works so quickly. It's almost scary, but in a good way. I think Shaklee is going to be receiving some truly amazing testimonies as a result of this product. I think we've only touched the tip of the iceberg. I just had to share this with someone.    Go to source.

Vanessa Nishikubo: I'm a 45-year-old woman and sometimes I have to be careful staying up late. Like going to 2 back-to-back karate classes on just 4 hours of sleep is really asking for trouble. I did that a few times over the last few years with disastrous results. I would feel queasy, faint, and when I'd see myself in the mirror my face would LOOK EXHAUSTED. Which was downright embarrassing because the teacher would always get mad at me for looking like such a blob. Well, I started Vivix on August 14th with my husband. Friday, August 22nd I stayed up until 5:15 am watching old movies and catching up on office stuff etc. I got up today, Saturday, at 10:30 am and felt fine. I matter-of-factly got together my karate gear and the kid's gear and we scooted (literally) over to karate. When I walked into the dojo I noticed it right away. I felt really LIGHT. Not light-headed but I felt at ease, and GOOD! I changed and joined the class and I felt so full of energy, so ready to go! We were stretching on the floor and I saw myself in the mirror and I looked like a person who¹d gotten plenty of sleep. I'm not saying this is going to become my habit of getting very little sleep but I was amazed at how I felt.

As the class (which I've taken for 2 year and which is called ENDURANCE) progresses usually I get more and more tired. Usually I hit a plateau when I feel I can't go on. Instead, today I never really hit that plateau. At one point I looked around at the class (by the way we lined up by weight and I was the 4th lightest person in a class of 48 people...thank you Cinch!) and noticed people were covered in sweat and red faced and looking EXHAUSTED and I didn't even feel tired. I wasn't sweating and my heart wasn't pumping like crazy as usual. It didn't feel like a really intense workout. I felt as though this workout wasn't challenging me, and this was unusual. I began at one point doing knee kicks on my own just to up the cardio for me and students in the class looked at me like, 'there goes energizing bunny!' Interesting experience with Vivix thus far.   Go to source.

Judy Sheehy: I have just found out something incredible that has happened with an eye problem (see below). I was diagnosed with June 07, but on Oct 2 after being on Vivix since the convention 8-08-08 I experienced a huge improvement in my vision in the left eye. In June 20 2007, I went to the see if I needed bi-focals as the readers I was using were not strong enough. I seemed to have a problem seeing clearly with my left eye so I thought I just needed a prescription distance and reading glasses. The Dr., after examining me, said that I should see a specialist as he thought there was something going on in the left eye. On June 25,2007 I went to a specialist, Dr. Hessburg at Henry Ford Eye Care Specialist in Grosse Pointe and the diagnosis was, Epiretinal Membrane Macula Traction, left eye. The vision was 20/200. I did not have Macula Degeneration or Cataracts or Glaucoma. The way it was explained that as we age the vitreous gel on the eye pulls away and we get floaters. Some of the cells create a thin film and in my case landed on the center vision of the macula. It is sometimes called a macular pucker. He said it would not get worse OR better. He did say they could do a surgical procedure to peel off the tissue but it was a delicate and not always successful surgery. Since I am not a fan of surgery, I chose to carry on with limited vision in that eye.   The only problem I had was a blurred section but could still see.  Aug 07 I added Vitalizer to my already list of Shaklee supplements and also increased my OmegaGuard to 6/daily along with what I was getting in the Vitalizer.   I had another checkup with the specialist 1/08 and there was a slight improvement. 20/100. I saw him again on 5/20-08 and was 20/70. I started Vivix on 8-08-08 in New Orleans and just had a recheck on 10/02/08. To his amazement it was 20/25. He was so curious and amazed that he examined me several times to recheck to see if there was an error in the figures... I am thrilled and he has asked me to send him info on Vivix..  I told him he needs to let his patients know about Vivix!!!    Go to source.

Cathi Lindall:   As you know, I am diabetic with all the problems that go along. One of my greatest fears is losing my legs as my grandfather lost his from diabetes. I suffered severe neuropathy in both my legs and feet. In addition to that, I had 3 stints put in my left leg last summer and was diagnosed with PAD. I was experiencing severe leg cramps nightly. Hardly a night went by when I wasn't awakened by them and had to jump out of bed and walk around. This would happen several times a night. Since taking Vivix, I have not been awakened a single evening with a leg cramp. Wonderful! And I can feel my toes again. They no longer feel like wooden appendages. Bless Shaklee and Vivix! I now experience full nights of restful sleep.   Go to source.

Stroke Victim: A massive stroke 3 1/2 years ago (doctors attribute to my irregular heartbeat-- I believe it was stress) attacked my right brain (and basil ganglia) leaving my left side totally unavailable and the right brain majorly stressed, reactive, and depressed. Never totally giving up, taking handfuls of Shaklee supplements, exercising, listening to motivational cd's, getting Brain Gym balances, regular chiropractic care, etc., my progress was evident to those who knew me, including my doctors. But what they didn't see was the exhaustion and struggle it took. Then along came Vivix, August 15, less than 6 weeks ago. First I thought it was probably the placebo effect, but today I can tell you a few of the things I KNOW have changed:
BALANCE--so bad in the past that one of the many falls landed me under my rolling car, crushing my right leg, though not the bone. My balance has improved so much I now climb stairs, carrying some thing in EACH hand, and not even holding onto the rail.
ENERGY--so different now I can do 30 minutes on the treadmill, noting my improved heart rate & instead of having to take a nap, I take off to do errands, deliver Shaklee and attend a Spanish Class in which I am much more focused.
FOCUS-Always had ADD and hypoglycemia; worse since numerous car wrecks in the 80's and the more recent stroke. I am experiencing now more blood sugar balance and longer attention spans--just finished reading a whole book in a couple of days and, most assuredly, I am making an A in the Spanish class (where my classmates & teacher are @ 1/3 my age).So I would say my mental acuity and memory are enhanced as well!
ATTITUDE--OH MY GOSH! I woke up this morning, like most others since starting on this magical stuff, full of vitality & optimism, and HAPPY.
LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you Shaklee! I have my life back, better than ever!   Go to source.

Shari Root:  I am finally up to my full tsp of Vivix! And I am as glad as ever that I didn't give up. I already mentioned the white coating on my tongue clearing up (there are only a few small bumps now way in the back), and that I had sun damaged skin that was clearing up very noticeably (the dark brown splotches are disappearing and it is not extremely red anymore) --- but, I am also sleeping much better now (amazing about the vivid dreams - wonder why that effect?), and not only do I have more energy than ever, but also a calmness I didn't have before. One thing my best friend noticed, though, before I did, was that my hands were not visibly shaking any more. (I have had essential tremors in both hands since I was 16 and I have one son who already has it! I am 52 now, so it has been pretty bad at times) I can't say it is totally gone - but my right hand especially is markedly improved (my handwriting had gotten extremely sloppy over the years - but, now I can actually write slow again without the writing being all wobbly!) So, that is something I hadn't even expected to happen at all..... (but definitely thrilled about -- I am hoping now that I just started on the full amount it may improve even more). And, since you mentioned the fingernails ......... mine are the healthiest they've been in many years. (They have been thin & 'peeled' easy, which kept them broken and short). They are hard as a rock and no chipping or peeling now! 

As for Vivix itself being the direct cause of all this I can't say for sure, because of having chronic fatigue from the early 90's I also did not absorb nutrients well. Now that I am on the Vivix, I think it is doing what Dr. Brouse explained on his teleconference call - and that is how the Vivix sort of causes the body to "recycle" the nutrients to get more out of less (he explained much better than that, I know). Anyway, I think that part of what is happening for me is from the direct result of what Vivix does for our cells - and the other is the Vivix making what I am already taking work better. What matters most is the results everyone is getting (which I am sure is why all the backorder problems!!) Thank you to Shaklee once again for improving our lives so dramatically!    Go to source.

Pat McNeal:  I want to talk about something one of my members experienced when he went on VIVIX. He has had a fairly large, flat mole on his hairy abdomen for years, but because it was covered with hair, it wasn't very noticeable, and apparently had become somewhat "lumpy" without him knowing it. After starting on VIVIX, maybe a couple of weeks later, it became itchy. When he looked at it, it had become red and inflamed for about 1/3 of an inch around it, with a clear, red, linear margin between the inflamed skin and the normal skin. The mole had several lumpy spots on it that he hadn't noticed before, probably because of the hair covering it. When he showed it to me, my first impression was that the mole was perhaps developing cancer and the VIVIX was causing his body to attack it, thus the inflamed, clearly defined ring around it, since cancer often extends out into the surrounding area. Itching is a common symptom of things healing, so that was another indication that something good was probably happening. He thought about having a biopsy, but decided not to at that point, because he wanted to see what the VIVIX would do on its own to heal it and realized that they would probably take the entire spot off for the biopsy, leaving him to always wonder if the VIVIX would have helped his body take care of it by itself. Now (about 6 weeks after starting on VIVIX) it appears that the VIVIX had done just that! The spot has flattened out and is looking kind of dried and shriveled in the center where the lumps were. The inflammation had gone away after about a week, and the itching is gone, too. It looks to me like it will eventually peel off.
While I'm at it, I'd like to mention that I had a couple of small lumps on sun-damaged spots on the back of my hands; one lump was larger than the other and had been there for several years, before the other one developed. I had wondered if it might be thinking about turning into cancer, so I had been keeping an eye on it. It only grew slightly larger over 2-3 years, but in the meantime, another spot next to it also started to become raised, but because it was a couple of years after the first one, it wasn't as pronounced.

Two weeks after starting on VIVIX, the primary lump sloughed off, left a small scab and then healed completely flat. The lump is totally GONE! The second spot, which was barely lumpy at all.   Took about 5 weeks to just kind of peel a layer off, with no scab. There is still an ever so slight, dry covering at the spot, but I'm confident that if I can ever get back on the VIVIX (we've been out and it is backordered), it will totally go away, too.
My point in all of this, is that I truly believe these two situations were at least precancerous, if not early stage cancers. I think VIVIX is going to stimulate the body to cure at least some kinds of cancers, if one doesn't do things to weaken the immune system - such as chemo. VIVIX does great things for the immune system. I know, because I had a bladder infection when I started on the VIVIX. I had been working with supplements to address it, but had only been successful in keeping it from becoming full-blown. When I took the VIVIX, the infection would calm down for a while, but come back again by the next morning. This went on for 3 days, but after that, the infection was gone. The only difference was the VIVIX. It only took 3 days to boost my immune system to where it knocked out the infection. Therefore, I'm well aware of the benefit it has on the immune system, and this, I believe, will be one way it cures cancer; repairing DNA will probably be another.   Go to source.

Kathy Norton:   I have severe psoriasis and the only thing that has worked at all has been Shaklee and light treatments. I started Vivix a week ago and the itching has subsided, and the plaques are diminishing. So far so good.    Go to source.

Julie Colegrove:  I am 74, always feel good, take the other supplements and added Vivix. My husband soon felt a difference so I was disappointed when I didn't until week 6- then it seemed that I suddenly said "I feel gooder"! After almost three months on Vivix my eyelashes are back, my age bumps are diminishing and I am having folks say I look younger. I know it must be must be "doing something" at the cellular level. What more could I want?    Go to source.

Donna Clark:  I too am in good health and feel good most of the time. The main thing I have noticed after taking Vivix for about 2 months is that I seem to have more stamina. For example, I am 63 and for the last couple of years I have not been able to spend as much time working in my yard/garden as I once could. I would get tired and my back would ache after only a short time. This week I decided to do some fall clean up in my garden and twice, after 3 or more hours of work, I became aware that I was really enjoying it, I wasn't tired, and my back didn't hurt. Keep taking Vivix, it is working even if you can't feel it right now. You may begin to notice something subtle like sleeping fewer hours and still feeling alert during the day.    Go to source.

Andy Gulick: Well, I am 60 and I don't have any sense of feeling any different either. But, I work out and race-walk. I've become a seasonal walker and no longer walk during the winter months like I used to. But in August to September, after being on the Vivix 2.5 weeks, I cut my time for a 5K (3.15 mi.) walk by about 6 minutes faster. And, when I was walking the slower time I was really pushing and it felt hard going up hills. I walked it after being on Vivix for 2.5 weeks and got a much faster time, it seemed effortless compared to before I was taking Vivix and I still walked it 6 minutes faster. (a time I was walking around 12 years ago) Vivix works at the cellular level and just as a nineteen year old is aging at the cellular level, he doesn't feel the aging taking place because it is at the cellular level. In the same way, since the slowing of the aging process is at the cellular level, you won't "FEEL" it working unless you have some test such as an aerobic workout, or something for your body to repair. I also have ADD and I've noticed that I am remembering some things more often than before taking it. I still have ADD, but my mental acuity has moved up a notch or two.    Go to source.

Marsha Reiner:   I have a multitude of problems. The poor little teaspoon of vivix doesn't know which way to go first! Anyway, I first noticed better mental clarity and focus. I used to be just overwhelmed at all the things I have to do, but know I can actually pick a task and work on it. My memory seems to be a touch better, too, thank goodness. I too thought I would feel more, right from the 'get-go', but I've been on VIVIX for 3 months now. I've not had anything JUMP OUT at me as being better, but some are really subtle. I have less aches/pains in some places and feel more ambition. Just remember, we don't feel these things going bad, so we may not feel them getting better. It's worth the wait!!   Go to source.

Ruth Narveson: I am 53 years old and in excellent health. I'm also very active physically, playing tennis at least 2 times a week for 2 or more hours and riding bike at least once a week for 25 to 35 miles at a 18 mph average. What I noticed with VIVIX right away was I slept better at night and woke up rested. I also noticed my energy level was steady the entire day. I had a pretty good energy level before but this was a different feeling, just a good, strong feeling type of energy. The next thing I noticed was when I did my weekly bike ride I was staying with the pace line. In the past I would ride 2 to 3 times a week and struggle to stay with the front leaders and would always get dropped on the hills. This year because of my schedule I was only able to ride once a week or every other week so my cycling fitness was not as high as the guys that were riding steady each week. After a couple of weeks on Vivix I not only was staying with the front group I was also keeping my place in line going up the hills. Even when I was in top form I could never stay with the guys on hills. The next little thing I noticed is the little spider veins on my legs have almost disappeared and the few that are left have turned from a dark purple to a brighter red. The final difference I would like to share is this past month I have changed my morning routine to where I get up 2 hours earlier and go for either a 2 mile run or a 30 min bike ride inside on rollers (which by the way my average speed on the rollers used to be 16 mph and now it is 19 to 20) and then do 20 minutes of push-ups, sit-ups and stretches. I've wanted to follow a routine like this for over 20 years and have never had the energy or will power to get up at 5am and stick with it. I believe my skin is tighter and firmer as well but it is hard to tell as I look young for my age already. You may not have noticed any big changes to your body but things are happening on the inside at the cellular level. Look for the little things that give you hints of the good stuff that's going on in the inside. How you feel in a few months when your body has a chance to replace old cells with newer younger ones should show results.    Go to source.

Shirley Davis: My husband and I have been taking Vivix for over two months. My husband who is 82 and in excellent health, used to take naps and go to bed early, sometimes at 8:30. Now he rarely takes a nap and stays up to 9:30 and sometimes 10:00 now. The only thing different in his life is that he is taking VIVIX.
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Luanne:  Since I have been using the Vivix my skin is no longer ruddy looking. Nothing has ever taken the redness away, not even enfuselle. However, I have not noticed any improvement with the dark circles under my eyes. My mother (age 73) has noticed an increase in her enthusiasm even after 3 days on the Vivix. I have been having Andy (age 16) take it to help him heal better after jaw surgery, which is scheduled for next month, and he has noticed an improvement in his sinus congestion. He stopped taking the Vivix for a couple of days and the sinus congestion came back.    Go to source.

Alice Brown:   I am now an official senior citizen. Prior to September I knew that my balance was way off, guess it's an age thing. Couldn't carry anything downstairs without grasping the railing, went down a path in early Sept. and scared my friend when I almost fell over! Getting out of the recliner trying to get my slippers on without tipping over, it was not a pretty sight. I started Vivix September 9th. My balance is 100% improved, my skin is soft, blemishes on my nose have gone, my age spot on my face is disappearing, scar on my forehead is fading, my back doesn't ache when I turn over in bed! And I love the taste of Vivix. I appreciate the many testimonies that I have read here. If only my gray hair would go back to it's brown color!    Go to source.

John Woodman:   Someone asked if Vivix could help with arthritis. My 82-year-old father has osteoarthritis and was having a pretty severe pain in his one hand from it. After 3 days on Vivix, this pain is gone! Mindy W. I have heard of people with arthritis having miraculous results with Vivix. The other night I attended a meeting where a Distributor was relating a testimonial from someone who had the swelling in her knees reduce by three inches!    Go to source.

Wally Hoewisch: I know diabetics on VIVIX and have been able to reduce their medication in half and have much more energy.    Go to source.

Donn Mathias:  I suffered for many years from ulcerated colitis - an inflammatory condition of the large colon which produces burning, itching and diarrhea. I watched my diet very carefully and added the Shaklee supplements that are important for healthy digestion along with the Vitalizer. My condition improved; but as soon as I would eat sugar or any gluten, I would again suffer a great deal of pain and diarrhea. I began taking VIVIX and noticed that day by day the inflammation was less and less. All the symptoms associated with the disease were gone in 8 days. VIVIX has also given me a great deal of energy, my brain works better and I feel younger. VIVIX has changed my life as I suffered for many years. Thank God for Shaklee."   Go to source.

Rick Navarro:  For the last 6 months I have been suffering from chronic severe pain in my left foot that has been diagnosed as a plantar fasiculitis. This is an inflammation of a ligament that runs from the heel towards the large toe. The pain has been so intense that for the last 3 months I have been using a cane to walk. I had to buy new shoes and to put my foot in a cast every night while sleeping. I can't take anti-inflammatory or pain meds so I just had to suffer. After reading the information about Vivix, I ordered some last Monday and began taking one teaspoon a day. I couldn't believe it but last Wednesday (after 2 days!) I put down my cane as I could now walk without severe pain. By Friday I had very little pain and today I have NO pain. Just one week and I am pain free. Unbelievable! For any skeptics out there, all I can say is it worked for me and if you have chronic pain you should try this."   Go to source.

Paula Pursley:   I am 58, Chuck is 78.  We’ve been married 24 years.  He is the love of my life.  What I didn’t know way back before we met, was that I was in love with him even before I knew he existed.  Do you know what I mean?  That’s the kind of relationship we have.  About 5 years ago Chuck was diagnosed with Parkinson’s  Disease – a progressive neurological disorder, no cure.  When you hear Parkinson’s you may think of Michael J. Fox, or the former Pope, who lived with Parkinson’s for many, many years.  Chuck has a very relaxed attitude about his PD, he figures something would eventually get him, and it could be worse.   For those of you not familiar with PD, some of the symptoms are:  tremors in the hand and legs; slow walk, eventually becoming a shuffle; hunched posture; balance and coordination issues; impaired large and small muscle dexterity; speech problems; drooling; facial ‘mask’ – people with PD begin to lose their expression, have a quiet dullness about them, or as I refer to it, their lights go out.   

Okay, so that’s what we have been dealing with for the last 5 years.  Chuck has been taking Shaklee supplements for 7 years and is on prescription meds for the PD.  I’ve done a lot of research, talked with others, and have him on a pretty solid Shaklee program – which we are constantly tweaking as we learn more.

At convention this year, when Vivix, our new anti-aging tonic, was announced, Dr. Jamie McManus, Director of Health Sciences at Shaklee, said people with diabetes, heart disease and neurological diseases would have the most results.  Well, you can imagine the cheer that went up in OUR section!  My dear friends all did a zizzt stare at me.  Talk about a heart flutter!

I brought Vivix home from convention and Chuck began taking it mid August and has been faithful with it every day!  He promised me he would do that for 6 months before making any decision on whether to continue it or not.  Keep in mind, my darling husband is my very best skeptic!   

Now if you would ask him how he feels today, he’d say he doesn’t feel any different.  I did invite him to come along tonight so you could meet him, but he really isn’t fond of meetings like this – plus he’s at a party with a bunch of his buddies!

My report to you is that little things are happening.  And it’s often the little things in life that mean the most!  He’s back to:  1. laughing, 2. participating in conversations at family gatherings, 3. whistling around the house, 4. doing his cute little two step when he’s being funny, 5. standing straighter when he hugs me, 6. he’s just more engaged in life –  7. and the best of all – his lights are back on!

Is Vivix making a difference in Chuck’s health and in our hope for him?  You bet it is!  And is he going to keep taking it after his promised 6 months?  He better!   Go to source.

Clarice (age 82):   “For many years the base of my thumb(s) has been swollen from arthritis. Each year it has worsened. When Vivix came out I was skeptical, but I had so much pain in my thumb that I was willing to try anything. After on Vivix only three days I was absolutely amazed. I live with my daughter and I couldnt wait to show her my thumbs. We stared together, in absolute awe, as the swelling was gone and the pain was substantially less! 

I also had hip pain. That didn’t go away quite as quickly. The pain was so terrible that walking more than 20 steps at a time was prohibitive. Yet within two weeks of being on Vivix it began to improve. And now, after about six weeks, I have very little hip pain at all. I can do something I haven’t been able to do for a long time – take my dog for a walk all the way around the block. This would be enough to keep me on my Vivix, but I have noticed another wonderful thing has happened.

I have Reynaud’s Syndrome. This is a condition in which the smallest arteries that bring blood to the fingers or toes constrict (go into spasm). One of the triggers, and the one that affects me, is the cold. Even entering a cold grocery store can cause my fingers to go white, or even turn blue. It is very uncomfortable and often I have to wear gloves where other people wouldn’t. Wintertime is always a concern for me. Not so this year! Not only have I needed gloves incredibly less often than usual, BUT I have had no episodes of my fingers turning white. I can only attribute it to Vivix, and it is wonderful!”  (

Danielle:  “My mom is 72, very overweight, has mild diabetes, is a heavy smoker, and is caregiver to my dad, who is disabled from many strokes. So she suffers from some depression related to the significant life change for her after my dad’s stroke. She has always been a napper, but the last few years, she takes 2, sometimes 3 naps a day. Then is often up half the night. She moves really slow and accomplishes only minimal tasks!  She has been taking Vivix for maybe 2 months now. I talk to her almost daily and quite often she is in her pajamas a good part of the day, procrastinates to even go to the grocery store until there is nothing for them to eat! However in the past few weeks, I’ve seen a transformation. She goes out almost every day, IN THE MORNINGS quite often, and I put “mornings” in caps because this is significant. Getting moving that fast for her in the past has been unheard of. She is having lunches with friends, running errands, and doing more than I’ve seen her doing in years. And she feels good. And miraculously, she said she is losing her desire to nap. This is amazing and something I never thought possible!  I’ve been wanting to say, “Mom, I think the Vivix is working for you”, but I’ve waited. Finally this morning she said that she thinks the Vivix is taking hold and told me the changes she has been feeling (what I’ve been seeing and have written above). Incredible stuff! Just thought I would share!”  (


The company states:  "Laboratory studies demonstrate that key ingredients in Vivix help protect against cellular DNA damage and promote cellular resilience. In a clinical study, key ingredients were shown to blunt the oxidative stress response to a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal, which over time can lead to cellular aging.  10X more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of aging.
In laboratory studies Vivix key ingredients help improve cellular performance and slow the formation of AGE proteins, which can accumulate and result in cell damage."  Although there are references to ingredient studies, no studies were found on the effectiveness of the product itself.