Rick Navarro:  For the last 6 months I have been suffering from chronic severe pain in my left foot that has been diagnosed as a plantar fasiculitis. This is an inflammation of a ligament that runs from the heel towards the large toe. The pain has been so intense that for the last 3 months I have been using a cane to walk. I had to buy new shoes and to put my foot in a cast every night while sleeping. I can't take anti-inflammatory or pain meds so I just had to suffer. After reading the information about Vivix, I ordered some last Monday and began taking one teaspoon a day. I couldn't believe it but last Wednesday (after 2 days!) I put down my cane as I could now walk without severe pain. By Friday I had very little pain and today I have NO pain. Just one week and I am pain free. Unbelievable! For any skeptics out there, all I can say is it worked for me and if you have chronic pain you should try this."   Go to source.

Morgan Quinn: My boyfriend’s mother is into energy healing and has made a business out of it and has helped thousands of people. She also distributes and takes a supplement called Protandim. I am in the medical field and of course me being the major sceptic I am, decided to do my research. This product seemed to have all the scientific data behind it unlike a lot of the other products I've seen that have a similar function. I gave in and decided to try it. My significant other’s mother supplied me with a bottle.

I am only 24 years old and since I was 20 I have had a horrible popping in my hips and muscle pain in that area which also causes sciatica pain (more like an annoyance).   I also have terrible TMJ which makes it hard to eat steak or anything else that is hard to chew. To get out of bed would be such a hard task. It would feel like there was an extra 20-30 pounds weighing me down and I remember walking up the stair would be such a hard task I would avoid it as much as possible.  My Sciatic Nerve pain was so bad I could have my boyfriend punch my butt so hard that it would be completely bruised. People might think that is strange but those with that have this pain can truly relate. I have been diagnosed with paraformis muscle pain and degenerative labral tissue, which is the cartilage that cushions the ball joint in the hip and is usually a sign of early arthritis, which runs in my family. I have been on many a medication that treat the symptoms. Tramadol, Meloxicam (Metacam), Ibuprofen 800, Vicoden, Prednisone, Different nerve pain meds, etc. I saw that Protandim can help with arthritis so I began taking it in hopes to treat the root cause, instead of just the symptoms....I honestly have had AMAZING results! I am still on Cymbalta, but I have stopped steroids, tramadol, barely take Ibuprofen. My hips have stopped popping. My overall pain is SO much lower. I am soon going to wean off Cymbalta (not looking forward to because of bad withdrawal symptoms). Unfortunately my jaw still pops, but it is clear as day that this supplement has done something amazing to me. I am the biggest sceptic I know, but it's hard to deny this after seeing and feeling this first hand. UPDATE: I have been taking Protandim for about 2 months now. I feel great! I am off Cymbalta (after going through horrible withdrawals from it). My hips still have a little pain but gradually I can tell they are improving. I'm so glad I found Protandim. Any one that has pain should be on this. I feel we all should be healing the cause of our ailments, not just symptoms.  Please..Please try this if you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc... It will change your life. (http://protandimreviews.blogspot.com/)

Dr. Kathy Yuhasz: For the past 2 years I have been limping around with left knee pain. It was painful to walk fast or straighten it out; the worst pain, however, came from bending it. I could barely sit without hanging on to tables etc. because I had to leave my leg straight to sit down.  Getting in and out of a car was insane. My knee was so tight that the slightest bend would send very painful aggravation to the sciatic nerve as well, then it would throb all day and night just because of attempting to bend it.  It would be so bad some days that I couldn’t lift my leg high enough to go upstairs.  I usually would have to hop down the stairs because bending was out of the question.   An MRI revealed only a probable problem with the ACL.  I have not been able to run with my dog since I got her because of the pain and swelling during and after.  It was even hard to walk slowly for short distances with her. IN ONLY 4 DAYS ON PROTANDIM, I ACTUALLY CAUGHT MYSELF SITTING COMFORTABLY AT THE DINNER TABLE WITH BOTH OF MY LEGS BENT PAST 90 DEGREES!!!  Since this was the only thing I did differently in the last 2 years, I would have to give the credit to Protandim for the relief I am continually experiencing. I am so grateful to have been introduced to this product for obvious personal reasons (also for the other health benefits this product offers).  BUT even more so that I can share this good news with all my patients and anyone who will take the time to learn what it can do for them.  http://www.jbowers.webforcepro.net/Testimonials.html